Troop 49, Ossining, NY

St. Augustine RC Church

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Troop 49 meets every Thursday evening at 7:30 PM at the St. Augustine's Parish Hall. Any changes to the schedule will be reflected on the Calendar, which is updated regularly. Check back often.

Troop 49 is a "uniformed" troop. This means that a scout is expected to be in "Class A" uniform at all troop meetings, Courts of Honor and religious services or any other occasion deemed appropriate.

Our Program provides opportunity to develop leadership, character, and good citizenship. No one event or skill accomplishes this objective. however, as the scout advances from the lowest rank to the highest rank of Eagle, he will be exposed to the values of scouting, hopefully utilize his experiences and mature his conscience. This will enrich his life permanently and enable him to contribute to society as a productive and successful citizen.

We will teach and demonstrate skills to the boys, and expect them to show us what they have learned, on campouts and events. In this regard, we believe in a hands off policy! Although it is difficult to watch a boy make a non life threatening mistake, there is a valuable lesson taught to the boy to learn from his mistakes. We ask for parental cooperation by helping your son only when the uniformed leaders have requested your assistance.

Learn more about our troop by reading the Parents Guide and the Appendix.


Guide to Troop 49:
2011-2012 - Policies, Practices, Information
Guide to Troop 49 - Appendix:
2011-2012 - Annual Activities, Troop Positions of Responsibility, Adult Uniformed Positions, The Aims of Scouting, The Methods of Scouting, Scout Motto, Scout Slogan, Scout Oath (or Promise), Scout Law

Location and Map

Troop regularly meets at St. Augustine's Parish Hall in, Ossining, NY. The Parish Hall is the building past the Church and the School in the property owned by the Church at 381 North Highland Avenue, Ossining, NY.

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"Class A" uniform

  • regulation long trousers or shorts
  • regulation belt
  • scout shirt (long or short sleeve)
  • neckerchief properly rolled in accordance with Troop 49 custom
  • slide (no knots or rubber bands)
  • shoulder loops
  • official scout insignia
  • black or brown dress shoes.

"Class B" uniform

  • comfortable pants or shorts
  • Troop 49 logo'ed shirt, sweatshirt or hoodie
  • comfortable shoes

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